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Lions are members of community service clubs, dedicated to the idea that the men and women who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help and why. More than 46,500 strong, these local clubs are part of the world’s largest such organization, with over 1.4 million members serving in more than 210 countries and areas. The association is both non-political and non-sectarian. Lions are now best known for their sight-related programs, including SightFirst, the world’s largest blindness prevention program.

We Serve

The Dexter Lions Club is a group of service-minded citizens who are interested in doing volunteer work to improve their communities. We are young people, families and baby boomers alike. To become a Lion is to become an active volunteer, a member of a respected international organization, a leader in your community and a friend to people in need.

The local and international Lions are dedicated to be Knights Of The Blind as charged by Helen Keller early in the 20th century. Diabetes, drug awareness and children's programs are a big part of the Lions Club interests as well.

The Dexter Lions first responsibility is to our local community. Yet we have enough resources to support state, national & international activities.  Being a member of the Dexter Lions Club is a personal commitment each of us makes with great pride.


2022-2023 Officer/Board Members


President- Lion Mike Head                                               

1st  Vice-President- Lion Becky Walters                                                          

2nd  Vice-President- Lion David Steptoe                                                         

3rd  Vice-President- Lion Abby Briggs                                                              

Secretary-Lion Rich Cook                                                                                 

Treasurer- Lion Kelley Fawcett                                                                         

Lion Tamer- Lion Bruce Forshee                                                                     

Tail Twister- Lion Chuck Hughes                                                                      

Past President- Lion Jerry Black        

Disaster Relief- Lion Dick Dettling    

LCIF Coordinator- Lion Terry Walters

Membership- Lion Terry Walters 

Board Members:

Lion Gil Campbell

Lion Bud Roberts

Lion Bob Steptoe

Lion Jay Myers

Lion Jim Warden

Lion Rex Reeve

Lion Marge Campbell


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